Follow-up among mothers

DNBC provides the opportunity to study the health of women after childbirth. All mothers in the DNCB were invited to complete the follow-up among mothers questionnaire during 2013 and 2014.

The Maternal Follow-up was conducted during 2013 (pilot study) and 2014, with the majority of the DNBC mothers being in their forties, having ended childbearing, but not yet having reached menopause.

The online questionnaire was developed by researchers familiar with the DNBC together with relevant experts within the fields of mental and physical health, occupational health and lifestyle, reproduction, and stressors associated with motherhood. 

Out of 78,010 eligible mothers 41,466 responded to the questionnaire (53,2%)

The Codebook reflects the coding of all the data collected via the online questionnaire and has been revised in July 2016. Please also find a table showing the logic skips in the menopause section.