7 year Follow-up

The 7-year follow-up data collection was carried out from November 2005 until July 2010.

A total of 57,000 observations were collected from the mothers (fathers) of the 7-year olds in the DNBC. Please find below the code book for the 7-year questionnaire as well as supplementary information about the data. Both documents are available in a Danish and English version. 

The 7-year follow-up questionnaire existed both in an on-line and a paper version.

7-year follow-up data documentation

Papers letters in the 7-year follow-up

The letters were sent to the parent who lived on the same address as the child.


Validation of height, weight and waist circumference
In connection with her PhD, Camilla S. Andersen has validated weight, height and waist circumference data in the 7-year follow-up in a small sub-sample of the DNBC cohort. The work has been carried out in collaboration with the school doctors in the Copenhagen Municipality.