DNBC Covid-19

In a period from March to May 2020 the DNBC carried out seven weekly data collections. The aim was to investigate how the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown affected everyday life, mental well-being, quality of life and social isolation among the DNBC participants. Participant compliance with precautions and experienced symptoms of corona were also examined. 

Data documentation and contact procedure

All DNBC participants who have provided their email address and/or phone number in previous DNBC data collections were invited to this COVID-19 data collection.

A total of 53,323 adolescents (16-24 years old) and 53,968 mothers were invited to the first data collection wave. The participants were asked to complete the first questionnaire no later than April 7th, in order to be invited to the 2nd wave. If participants completed the questionnaire before midnight the following Wednesday (April 15th, 22nd, 29th, May 6th and 13th) the following morning they were invited to an additional data sweep.

1st data wave (March 30th to April 7th 2020)
25,898 respondents (46% adolescents) were invited to 2nd wave

2nd data wave (April 8th to 15th 2020)
16.741 participants (38 % adolescents) were invited to the 3rd wave

3rd data wave (April 16th to 22nd 2020)
12,034 (32 % adolescents) were invited to the 4th wave

4th data wave (April 23rd to 29th 2020)
9,529 respondents (29 % were adolescents) were invited to the 5th wave

5th data wave (April 30th to May 6th 2020)
- 7,848 respondents (27 % adolescents) were invited to the 6th wave

6th data wave (May 7th to May 13th 2020)
6,540 respondents (26% adolescents) were invited to the 7th and last data collection wave.

7th data wave (May 14th to June 17th 2020)
5889 respondents (26 % adolescents) completed the last data wave. 

8th data wave (April 21st /May 31st 2021)
30,628 respondents (44.7% adolescents) completed this follow-up wave

Covid-19 code books for the eight data waves (in Danish)

Covid-19 kodebog - 1. runde (pdf)

Covid-19 kodebog - 2. runde (pdf)

Covid-19 kodebog - 3. runde (pdf)

Covid-19 kodebog - 4. runde (pdf)

Covid-19 kodebog - 5. runde (pdf)

Covid-19 kodebog - 6. runde (pdf)

Covid-19 kodebog - 7. runde (pdf)

Covid-19 kodebog - 8. runde (pdf)