18-year follow-up

The 18-year follow-up of the young DNBC adults was launched in April 2016 and completed in January 2022. During this period we contacted 89,205 young DNBC participants digitally to ask them to complete our web-based questionnaire. 

Focus in the 18-year follow-up was on mental health, but there were also questions about occupation, household and family, social relations, smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling, sleep, asthma, psoriasis, hearing and the musculoskeletal system.

The overall response rate among the 18-year olds was 56% (complete and partially complete questionnaires). The response rates among the young women and men were 65% (n=28,657) and 47% (n=21,306) respectively.


18-year follow-up Code books in Danish and English

Kodebog for 18-års undersøgelsen

Code book for the 18-year follow-up 

Data Documentation Report in Danish