14 year follow-up

The collection of data among the 14-year olds in the DNBC began in April 2013 and was brought to an end in 2017. 

Short description of contact procedure

The questionnaire for the dietary habits of the 14-year old participants in the DNBC existed in a web-based version only. No paper questionnaires were used in this data collection wave. 

Invitation letter and reminders by email

If an email is registred to a participant, an invitation will first be sent by email informing participants on how to access the questionnaire on the web. If no email address is registred an invitation letter will be sent to the participants' homes. If an email bounces, a paper letter will be sent instead. If the child has not responded within a four-week period, a second letter will be sent as a reminder - either by email or by post. This procedure will be repeated four weeks later.

Updating addresses and vital status

All information on participants in the DNBC is updated via the Danish Civil Registration System when the child turns 14 (once a week for the children who turn 14 that week). We mainly check for change of address and vital status. If the child is registered as living with the father (in case of divorce or mother's death), the contact emails and letters will be sent to the father. 


DNBC FFQ English translation

DNBC FFQ used among the 14-year old participants during 2013-2017 (pdf)