Parent Questionnaire Outline

The 11-year follow up consisted of 2 web-based questionnaires - one for the mother (or father) and one for the child (Club11). Data was collected from July 2010 through to August 2014, when the last of our young DNBC participants turned 11.

Parent Questionnaire

In the parent questionnaire we asked about:

  • diet
  • sun exposure, RF exposure, chlorine exposure
  • vaccinations
  • housing conditions, (pets, smoking, use of fireplace, candles, moisture in house)
  • handicaps
  • childhood diseases, infections, fractures
  • ISAAC-questionnaires (allergies, wheezy breathing, rash)
  • vision, hearing, diction problems
  • enuresis, circumcision, brushing of teeth
  • SDQ, social competences
  • height, weight and waist measurement for child, mother and father
  • diseases in family (parets and grandparents: hypertension, arthritis, depression, allergies......)
  • diseases in mother (diabetes, hypertension, asthma, allergies, depression, back problems......) - and treatment
  • migraine and smoking in mother
  • phenotyping of mother (earlobes, curly hear, widow's peak, etc.)

See code books for the parent and child questionnaire in the 11-year follow up.