Child Questionnaire - Club 11

Club11 was the data sweep among our young participants when they turned 11-years old. Participants had access to a web-based questionnaire through a website called the Professor's Laboratory. Once they had completed the questionnaire, the 11-year olds were able to personalize an avatar and view other participant's avatars.

Contact procedure for the 11-year follow-up Letters were sent every week to the mothers of the children who turned 11 that particular week. Two letters were included in the envelope; one for the mother and one for the child. Both letters contained instructions on how to access the questionnaire as well as logins for each of the individual questionnaires.

Our 11-year follow-up was the first sweep where we contacted the children themselves. Our hope was that the “FAQs” in the form of the animations on our Club11-site would appeal to as many as possible and that it made our 11-year-olds feel committed to the project. We made a point of including the separate letter for the child with his/her name and address on it in the envelope addressed to the mother. Our hope was that this would make the child feel part of the study. We also underlined the fact that “you are a member of DNBC” – the children were probably not aware of this as we had not been in touch with the families since the 7-year follow-up.