DNBC Symposium, May 2, 2023 


The DNCB Scientific Management Group is delighted once again that our Symposium 2023 was a succes. 

The symposium took place at SSI, in the Jerne Hall from 12:30 onwards, and we hope to be able to arrange a new symposium in May 2024.

Date: May 2, 2023
Venue: Jernesalen, Statens Serum Institut

The programme at a glance:


 12.30      Registration and welcome

 Presentation of the DNBC Scientific Management Group, Secretariat and data managers    


13:00      Presentations from current DNBC researchers

Ruth Loos: Genetic variation and proteomic biomarkers in weight gain during childhood and adolescence
Trine Madsen: The prevalence of suicidality in adolescents
Cristina Exposto: Prevalence and burden of painful temporomandibular disorders and headaches in the young adult population of the DNBC 
Sandra Søgaard Tøttenborg: PFAS and semen quality
Hanyue Zhang: Maternal macronutrient composition during pregnancy and offspring growth 11 years of age


14:40      Break - networking


15:20      Presentations, continued

Erica Elizabeth Eberl: Dietary changes during pregnancy
Bjarke Feenstra: Genetics of placental weight
Anne Gaml-Sørensen: Father absence and pubertal development
Rohina Noorzae: Prenatal immune-modulatory diets and biomarkers in relation to risk of developing type 1 diabetes during childhoodAndrea Joensen: Childhood adversity, perceived stress and risk of eating disorder in adolescence


17:00      More networking – pizza & wine


Participation is free. 


Remember to cancel your participation by e-mail to dnbc-research@ssi.dk if you cannot make it.